Script and Development Services

I'm occasionally available for services (I'm usually booked by past clients and haven't been openly available for YEARS). I avoid cookie-cutter formulas and treat your work as one-of-a-kind and try to determine what will make it sing. Playing with ideas is FUN.

Feature Screenplay reviews (up to 120 pages) including "sticky notes" on script:

  • Recorded audio notes: $399

First 15 pages only (audio notes and sticky notes on script):

  • Recorded audio notes $85

Story Development:

You send me a 2-page synopsis of your idea for us to discuss during a 45-minute consultation.

  • Phone: $299
  • Skype: $329

General Consult Time:

We can discuss your story, career, work/life balance. It's your time to talk.

  • Phone per/hr: $249
  • Skype per/hr: $279

To order services, use the form below.  After ordering, I will contact you to arrange chat times if you're ordering phone or Skype.