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What you'll learn:

  • The biggest mistake new screenwriters make

  • What you should know about your story idea

  • Ways of generating screenwriting story ideas

  • The basics of formatting

  • How to get feedback on your finished screenplay

  • Basic screenplay structure in screenwriting

  • And more!

No film school required

Jump-start your screenwriting journey

This course is PRACTICAL, time-saving and easy to understand. You CAN learn screenwriting without going to film school. Absolute beginners to script writing welcome:)
No film school required

Maximize your chances of success

This is HUGE!

Learn what you should be doing BEFORE you start writing AND what resources you need to support you along the way.
Maximize your chances of success

You DON'T need a background in writing

Your story matters

Screenwriting is something that can be learned. Only passion is required.
You DON'T need a background in writing

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On-Demand Video Course


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  • Word  Dancer

    Word Dancer

    I won the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and my work has been mentioned in the New York Times, Fade In and W Magazine. I've sold several options and had Academy Award-winning actors attached to my projects. I read over 450 screenplays a year from both amateurs and professionals. You might best know me from the Youtube Channel -- WORD DANCER - How to write a screenplay. I believe learning screenwriting should be FUN!

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


I found Word Dancer on YouTube. I'm not a "writer" but I have a story to tell. I wasn't' sure if I could do it myself and couldn't afford to pay a ghost writer, so I think I may have stumbled across her while researching how to write a screenplay. I'm not sure, but I'm grateful I did. 

She's given me great confidence, inspiration and most importantly the direction I needed. Because of her video's I've just went for it. I have begun my screenplay right in time for the 2020 Corona Lockdown U.S

- VanessaSweaty

Perfect match. Myself being a complete novice to the world of screenwriting, this course has given me the confidence to write, and believe in my story. 

Thank you Pamela, you are a treasure :)

- Umut Ipek

Yes; it was an excellent match for what I wanted and totally exceeded my expectations! This is great, and I'm so thankful for it! Love it! The course is really well taught; the points made through these videos are thoroughly explained and easy to understand. Making notes, also helped me structure and visualize my learning.

- Rodrigo

I took this course to refresh myself on the skill of writing screenplays. I am a film major and learned screenwriting in school, but I know that everything wasn't taught and that there were some very critical elements that, I, either was not taught or that I just didn't grasp in college. This course provided every bit of the lack of information and I feel even better now as a screenwriter and film instructor. Thank you for this amazing course!

- Sia Spence

I already feel I will receive a more in depth learning experience. I learned much more than expected and appreciate the advice and knowledge you put forth. I am currently working on two scripts and feel I have a better sense of how to finish them. Thank you!

- Tammi Brownlee

Informative information. Questions I had at the beginning of the lessons where answered. I feel the information Pamela gave me inspired me more than her positive influence. Thanks Pamela!!!

- Richard Lor

I learned a lot from this video. Money well spent considering that dollars are worth every peso here in the Philippines. I love the emphasis on personal growth. I love the incorporation of must-read books. Thank you!

- Sixto Bayangan

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